Would you like

  • An expert analysis of your logistics alternatives and the most efficient and appropriate design of the of the warehousing system for your business.
  • To reach a (suitable) level of security but rationalizing the investments and maintaining the efficiency
  • To analyze, improve and develop the procedures, to evaluate, develop, or to parameterize the software, to train the staff and to manage the change
  • To achieve detailed engineering, implementation and starting, purchase management and coordination of the equipment installation; project management
  • A ready-made project
  • Outsourcing of logistics services, alternatives evaluation and operators’ selection.
  • Logistic training for managers and operatives

Expertia-Logística can offer you:

The experience of more than 200 hundred warehouses analyzed, evaluated and projected by ourur technicians

The contribution of competitive advantage for your business generated by
  • A thorough knowledge of work methodology
  • A thorough knowledge of software an the technology
  • Intelligence, prudence and security
  • The industrial experience of our collaborators
  • The quality of the projects
  • The capacity to help you to start complex projects
  • Ready-made projects