Expertia Logística offers you a high specialization of its team in each one of the multiple facets and elements that form part of the logistics, from a multidisciplinary and integral vision.

Expertia Logística is fortunate to gather the highly qualified and multi-disciplined experience of its members, in both software and engineering fields.

Expertia Logistica joins more than 30 collaborators, professionals and experts in practically all the areas of logistic:

  • Warehousing systems
  • Transport
  • Production
  • Logistic and Manufacturing Outsourcing
  • Materials Planning
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Strategy
  • Our organisation is functionally divided into seven big speciality areas.

Our team is structured in these 7 speciality areas and, in transverse form to the preceding, in 4 scopes of development:

- Organitation, methodology, procedures

- Software systems

- Security

- Engineering

To join together a thorough knowledge and expertise (horizontals and vertical) and their well balanced composition are the key factors in which Expertia Logistica bases the quality of their projects.

Some of the guidelines of our organization in order to reach our quality targets are:

  • A work methodology that assures a high level of quality in the project and the completion of the commitments.
  • A rigorous quality evaluation, and customer satisfaction measurement, included in a continuous quality improvement process.
  • A rigorous and conscientious selection of our personnel in order to obtain the best professionals in logistic areas.
  • The recruitment of the best external collaborators, in order to have specialists in each of the multiple disciplines that our projects involve.
  • A commitment to give a honest service (that is present in every member of our organisation) to the enterprises, to people involved in the project and to society.
  • The independence of our firm in its work of any supplier (of software, hardware, machinery or any other equipments).